Can I book in without a consultation?
All new customers must book in for a consultation before booking for a fitting. If you are an existing customer and would like new hair  you will also need a new colour match.
Can I book in for maintenance if I’ve had hair fitted by someone else?
Yes, but please email us at extendedhf@hotmail.com before you book.
Can I get a quote without a consultation before?
NBefore receiving a quote you will need to book in for a consultation. Once you have had your consultation you will be able to get a quote for what you will need to achieve your desired result.
How often should I have maintenance?
We suggest around 6 weeks is the perfect time to have maintenance. Depending on how quickly you hair grows you may need it just before or if you hair doesn’t grow as fast you are able to come at around 8 weeks.
Can I still wear my hair up with extensions?
Yes! We offer a range of hair extension methods which have the flexibility to wear your hair up without being seen. At your consultation all options will be looked over to find the best method to suit you and your lifestyle.
Can I still style my hair as normal?
Yes! All our hair is Russian/Mongolian hair which is the highest quality on the market. Make sure to use heat protector every time heat is applied.